#11 PCOS | Part 2 – What type of PCOS do you have, and treatment options with Solaine Douglas

Today, I follow up with Solaine (see Part 1) to discuss the four types of PCOS, and how to treat PCOS and other hormone imbalances with exercise, diet and supplements. 

In her early 20’s, Solaine struggled with hormone imbalances including PCOS symptoms, missing periods and was told to go on the birth control pill. Knowing that this was a bandaid approach rather than a root cause, she took the natural approach and worked with a naturopath to heal her PCOS. Now, she practises as a Nutritionist, helping women through diet & exercise to heal their hormones. 


  • What actually are the four types of PCOS, what causes them and why it’s important to look for the root cause of your PCOS.
  • Why your periods may be spread out, or why your missing your period.
  • What are the symptoms of PCOS, and why don’t they always tell the full story.
  • What can drive inflammation within the body?
  • Solaine & my experience with imbalanced hormones, and how this leads to a suspected PCOS diagnosis.
  • The link between gut imbalances and PCOS.
  • How magnesium and inositol can help insulin resistant PCOS.
  • How to support your adrenals and stress response in the body, to balance your hormones.
  • What type of exercise is good for PCOS, and some recommendations.
  • How to balance blood sugars and insulin with diet.


4 Types of PCOS Flow Chart HERE.

Key Tests for PCOS

  • Hormones: Testosterone, DHEA-s, LH, FSH, Prolactin, estrogen, progesterone. 
  • Insulin Resistance: Insulin Assay – if this is not available fasting insulin but this isn’t as sensitive. 
  • Thyroid Markers: TSH, T4, T3, RT3, TG Ab, TPO Ab. 
  • Inflammatory Markers: CRP, homocysteine – basic. 
  • Micronutrients: Vitamin D, B12, folate, iron, zinc.