#32: Should you test your hormones with Sheradyn Dekker

Today’s episode is covering all things hormone testing!

Women who have endometriosis, heavy periods, painful periods and acne should get hormone testing done that looks at estrogen metabolism. Where is it going? Is it going down the negative pathways?

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Where do we find answers for when things don’t feel quite right, YET our blood tests from the GP have come back normal? Where do we look for help?

What does a hormonal imbalance look like?

  • Estrogen dominance – heavy, long, painful periods, acne around chin, mood swings, cramping, tired all day long.
  • Low progesterone – Caused by periods of stress for a long time, A-type, autoimmunity, might have long term low cortisol levels.
  • Hair growth in all the wrong place e.g. out of nipples, belly button, losing hair, as well as acne and irregular periods, might be a sign of PCOS.

What impacts Hormone balance?

  • Blood sugar
  • Poor Micronutrient levels
  • Stress
  • Gut imbalance

What is Hormone testing?

  • Base line measurement with serum / blood testing OR DUTCH testing
  • What is DUTCH testing?
  • Why blood is not as informative as DUTCH testing?
  • When to use saliva testing?

DUTCH can show us:

  • Why we have high or low estrogen
  • What is happening with progesterone
  • Why we have androgen / testosterone imbalances
  • If we have adrenal fatigue, and how to support our HPA axis
  • Cortisol function over the day
  • Organic acids such as B6, B12 and glutathione (antioxidants)
  • Genetic interaction
  • Liver function
  • MTHFR interactions
  • The impact of your nutrition on your hormones

Today’s episode is my summary of the DUTCH test, and you can understand why I really love it! I suggest checking out the Dutch website and talking to your practitioner about running one if you are struggling with hormone imbalances.

My favourite method of treatment is to work on gut health first, then address hormones.

Gut is key to all areas of health – and think back to those 4 pillars – will impact all of these.

Sometimes women just really want to run hormone testing, and that is fine, but it can then indicate that we do need to do some gut work, or there are other gut imbalances going on that need to be addressed.


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