#36: Understanding the Autoimmune protocol with Simone Jamie.

Today I have the privilege of speaking with Simone, an AIP Certified Coach about what the Autoimmune Protocol is, and how it can help in managing an autoimmune condition. Simone supports women and men with thyroid and other autoimmune conditions on their path to reclaim their health. She has first-hand experience with autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s) which led her to change careers and learn as much as possible about looking into the root causes of autoimmune conditions and she is now passionate about supporting others to do the same. 

Simone uses a combination of functional lab tests to look for any hidden stressors or imbalances within the body and opportunities to improve health and function as well as implementing the Autoimmune Protocol to help calm the inflammatory and immune response and allow clients to understand their unique food triggers which might be contributing to their symptoms. Her aim is to support and empower you with the knowledge and tools to live as well as possible despite an autoimmune diagnosis!

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  • What is Simone’s niche and how she was led to empowering people with autoimmune conditions.
  • What is an autoimmune condition, how would an autoimmune disease start?
  • Can Autoimmune conditions be ‘cured’?
  • What is the Autoimmune Protocol?
  • What kind of autoimmune conditions can the Autoimmune Protocol help with?
  • What’s involved in following the Autoimmune Protocol?
  • What if you want to try AIP but are worried it will be too hard, or you won’t ‘do it right’?
  • What are some other things to consider looking into, in addition to AIP, to enhance your healing if you have an autoimmune condition?

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