#39: Breaking the Taboo of menstruation with Isobell Marshall & Eloise Hall.

Today I have the privilege of speaking to Izzy (Young Australian of the year 2020) and Eloise, Co Founders of TABOO. TABOO is a South Australian based social enterprise. They sell 100% organic cotton pads and tampons to customers in Australia with all company profits dedicated to eradicating period poverty around the world. They exist to challenge the stigma of menstruation, and advocate for people who experience disadvantages due to a lack of physical and social support for their biology.

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  • How did your personal stories lead to you starting TABOO? 
  • Why are you ladies so passionate about women’s health?
  • How can we normalise periods – and make “normal” periods “normal” – beyond just supporting monthly menstruation? 
  • How are you working to eradicate period poverty? 
  • What is period poverty?
  • Where does your profit go? What is a social enterprise?
  • Why is there menstruation stigmation? Do we experience this in Australia as well?
  • How can women get involved? 


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  • Website: tabooau.co
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tabooperiodproducts/ 
  • Podcast – The Flow: A Podcast by TABOO

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