#41: How I overcame constant fatigue with Sheradn Dekker

Every single client that works with me starts by rating their fatigue as a concerning issue that is impacting their life, BUT through some simple dietary changes they see a huge improvement in their energy, mood balance and quality of life! In today’s episode I dive into my story with constant fatigue, and how I went from falling asleep at my office desk, to enjoying my afternoon workouts again!

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  • The main causes of stress on the body, and how this causes fatigue.
  • Why we get fatigued when we have gut issues, and what caused my fatigue.
  • Why it wasn’t just one thing – but a combination of stress, over training, diet, lack of carbs, low body fat and hormone imbalances.
  • The role of coffee, simple carbs and lack of protein in my fatigue, and how dealing with these helped me overcome those sugar cravings, increase my energy and heal my periods.
  • The foods that I used to stabilize my blood sugar levels, and give me energy all day!
  • Why blood testing is so important and what to get tested!
  • Why supplementing may not work for you!


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