#46: Carbs, constipation and calories with Sheradyn Dekker

Today we are talking about Carbs, constipation and calories, and it’s a juicy one filled with some of your biggest FAQ! Here is a brief rundown of what we cover…

  • Is there a relationship with carbs and bloating or constipation?
  • Why do so many women say that they get bloated after eating carbs
  • What are carbohydrates?
  • What is the link with gluten & bloating?
  • What actually is bloating – how do you know if you are bloated?
  • What do calories have to do with constipation and digestion?
  • If your digestion has been a bit off, what should you eat?
  • What fibres are helpful for constipation?
  • What other nutrition can help constipation?
  • What can cause this constipation if it’s not the carbs themselves?

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