#78 Body image & fat phobia with Lauren Calvin

In today’s episode, I have the pleasure of chatting with Lauren Calvin. Lauren is the Co-Founder of the National Women’s Fitness Academy. 

Lauren was fed up with the lack of education and support for females in the industry and the prevalence of women feeling fobbed off by health professionals or just told to suck it up when things weren’t right with their menstrual cycle or post-partum body. After going through her own struggles with eating disorders, pregnancy, abdominal separation, pelvic floor and hormonal concerns, and body image issues, she decided something had to change.

In today’s episode, we speak about, 

  • Body image 101 – Why can’t we just let go & “not care so much?”
  • Why do we fear certain foods and weight gain so much?
  • Eating disorders and disordered eating – what could be some root causes
  • Confidence and empowerment for females
  • What is health at every size and what is health to me
  • What is fat phobia
  • How do we spread the Body Positivity message?
  • Fitness for health vs fitness for acceptance/weight loss
  • Building muscle vs restricting calories

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