#8 Babies & Buiz | How to avoid burnout as a new mum with Dr Carla Atkinson

Today I have the privilege of speaking to Dr Carla Atkinson PhD, a Functional Health Practitioner of mumpreneurs, Integrative Holistic Healer, and Mumma to identical twin boys. Carla is passionate about educating & empowering new mums to find balance with their body, mind & self. Being a new mum can be hard, and there is often a loss of self, overwhelm, lack of balance and the all too familiar – burnout.


  • Carla’s story on gut health, under eating, anorexia, miscarriages & mineral imbalances.
  • Why Carla studied Hair Tissues Mineral Analysis, what insight it gave into her health and how she corrected those imbalances.
  • What an HTMA is, what it can show us & common errors when looking at test results.
  • Why it’s important for new mums to asses their health.
  • The problem with tap water & toxicity.
  • Why we get copper overload.
  • Where to start with mineral balancing & avoiding burnout.

Salt Notes – Carla suggest Kosher Sea Salt, and 1/4tsp per day in warm water, to support mineral balance & adrenals.


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