#9 IBS & Bloating | Using stool testing to get to the root cause with Sheradyn Dekker

Today’s episode is a bit more nerdy than usual.. So hold onto your hats, remember to hit save & subscribe, so that you remember to listen to this one on REPEAT

I carry on alot about the root cause behind your IBS, bloating & stomach pain, and how the gut is cornerstone to EVERY other interaction in your body.

So today, I want to unpack some of those root causes & how exactly we test for them.


  • What I look for in symptomatic clients.
  • What are predisposing factors?
  • When to do group programs vs 1:1 consults.
  • What foundation changes can be made today?
  • What is a stool test (GI MAP) & what does it tell us?
  • How do we rebalance the microbiome from parasites, yeast, bacteria & leaky gut?
  • How long does it take to rebalance the microbiomes?
  • When and how to re-test.
  • When to move onto hormones & DUTCH testing.


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