Respected, trusted, qualified nutritionist. With a pinch of self-confessed health nerd thrown in.

I’ve learnt first-hand health is a constant journey, always changing.

Having the right tools, and the right person to walk through it with you, makes the world of difference. And I’m all up for a bit of hand-holding.

There’ll be no promises of overnight cures from me. But I will stick with you every step of the way.

When it comes to my health I’m a massive over sharer. But by sharing I educate. By educating I empower. And by empowering I help you question what you’ve been told about your symptoms.

With me, you’ll get to the “warts and all stage” of the conversation pretty quickly. Because I’m not here to “guess” another solution. Together, we’re digging up the root cause of what’s making you feel crappy.

How do you start fixing something when you don’t know what the problem is, I hear you ask?


I didn’t become a Gut & Hormone Nutritionist by chance. “Traditional” treatments just weren’t doing it for me. Having spent years battling chronic IBS, bloating, missed periods, adult acne and food intolerance I went on a mission to find a solution of the “not-so-traditional” kind.

Armed with a bevy of knowledge from a Sport Science Degree (Notre Dame University), Masters in Nutrition (Deakin University) and Postgraduate studies in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, I found the answer to the million dollar question…


Now, I help women find the underlying cause of their symptoms. And educate them how to address it.

Experience and expertise

Spending all those years studying gave me the skills to fully understand what I was experiencing. Knowing to look at the root causes, not the symptoms took me from the continual “what now?” question to the “ah-hah” moment.

And that’s the same approach I take with my clients. A fast track to the “ah-hah” moment. A direct path to the root cause. Because I understand the frustration you feel when treating symptoms doesn’t work.

Feel empowered

Educating and empowering women like you to move beyond their symptoms and find real solutions is my mission.

Traditional medicine may not be giving you the answers you need. And treating your symptoms in isolation rarely has lasting effects.

I’m here to tell you there is an answer. And not only is it achievable. You deserve it.

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