#4 Period Pain | Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine & overcoming period pain with Dr Joanna

Today I have the privilege of speaking to Dr Joanna Macmeikan, a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, she is passionate about all things women’s health including painful periods, vaginal health & improving the vaginal microbiome.

Joanna helps women live a life with less pain and more joy. Not only an incredible practitioner, but she also prides herself on being a mother, a bookstore lover, hula hooper and down to earth human. Joanna uses a combination of herbal medicine and acupuncture to go beyond conventional medicine and address the root cause of imbalances within the body.


  • What is Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture?
  • How do they complement each other, and combine with nutrition to heal women?
  • What are the causes of painful periods?
  • How can we get to the root cause of period pain?
  • What herbs are used to support period pain and imbalances within the body?
  • Why is there taboo around vaginal health, periods and women health?

I loved chatting with Jo so much, I plan to record future Podcasts on her and chat about the Vaginal Microbiome & taboos around vagina’s!


  • 21 steps to pain-free periods and her website HERE.
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