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119 Omni Lux review for acne with Sheradyn Dekker

In this episode, I dive into the science behind Omnilux LED masks, look at their effectiveness as a skin care treatment, and determine if they are worthy products on the beauty market. I cover, when and how to use the mask, considerations before using the mask, my skin journey and using a root cause approach when addressing your skin health. 

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118 “Hacking” the SIBO diet to make it work for you with Sheradyn Dekker

Today I want to share with you a snippet from one of the Root Cause Program weekly education calls. The RCP is my signature 6month program, where we get to the Root Cause of your health concerns. Today’s podcast episode will give you some insight into the RCP and some of the things we cover inside the program – especially when it comes to dietary changes and how important they are! If you are struggling to get to the root cause of your health concerns, reach out on Instagram or email to book a free chat with me (Sheradyn).

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117 How we healed Robyns bloating & painful periods with Sheradyn Dekker

Suffering from bloating, heavy, painful periods and fatigue? Well so was Robyn before we implemented a root-cause approach! Over the past 12 months, we have been focusing on functional testing, balancing hormones and adding in key nutrients to support healing, and WOW Robyn’s story speaks for itself! If you are struggling with your periods, it might be time to implement a root cause approach and give yourself the best chance of healthy, happy hormones!

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114 Post birth nutrition with Solaine Douglas

Let’s chat about pregnancy and how to support your body post-pregnancy! Accredited nutritionist Solaine jumps on the podcast with me today to talk about:

Post birth nutrition
Expectations vs reality
Nutrients to focus on
Major macros? Do we need to eat more?
Overwhelmed – where do we start?
Recipes she loved post-birth!

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3 easy ways to track ovulation

Welcome to my very first episode on The Empowered Hormones Podcast! Thank you so much for supporting me, and encouraging me to release my first Podcast! I’ve finally made it a priority because, well, because podcasts are LIFE.

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