#50 Will a low FODMAP diet alone heal my gut with Sheradyn Dekker

Today we are talking about one of my favourite topics that I hear about daily – food restrictions and the low fodmap diet. Is it true that a low fodmap diet is damaging long term? Why is this the case? How is it linked to SIBO and what do I need to do instead of a low FODMAP diet?

This is quite a complex topic, so if you have any questions please make sure you message me on Instagram, so that I can help you understand low FODMAP better!

Today I cover:

  • The link between IBS, SIBO & Low FODMAP diet
  • When to use the low FODMAP diet
  • The difference between SIBO and LIBO
  • How to get off the low FODMAP diet & how long to do it for
  • Why we get stuck on low FODMAP
  • When it’s okay to do a low FODMAP diet

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