#57 Weight loss for women: Eat more, train less & get results with Kitty & Craig

Today I have the privilege of speaking to Kitty & Craig co-owner’s of Nu Strength, Saturee, and host of the Weight loss for women, eat more train less & get results podcast.

Kitty and Craig have so much knowledge to share in this episode, we have an open and honest chat, with maybe a little fan girling from me!

We speak about:

  • Why Kitty and Craig started Nu Strength
  • What Kitty’s health was like when she was younger and what lead her to pro metabolic eating.
  • Why is it hard for women to believe that sugar and carbs are really okay
  • Some of the common problems Kitty and Craig help in their program
  • Where can women start with changing their exercise patterns and what small changes can they make to their diet

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