#61 How to get Real Gut Solutions with Sheradyn Dekker & Rekindi

This week we have a special recording of an interview I did with Alexa on her Rekindi Podcast. Whether it be yoga, meditation, journaling, creative activities, mindfulness, and more. Rekindi is designed to reconnect you back to your presence. The rush of life can so easily sweep you off your feet if you do not have something keeping you grounded and centered.

In today’s episode we chat about:

  • What are the myths around IBS and how do we get to the root cause of our gut struggles?
  • Why can so many GPs get it wrong?
  • Is IBS a real diagnosis?
  • What is stool testing and how do I get it done? Is the one I do at my GP enough?
  • What are we looking for on a stool test?
  • How do hormones play a role in IBS?
  • Where do we start when healing IBS?

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