#6 Exercise & Hormones | Exercising for your Menstrual Cycle with Jade Leray

Jade Leray runs an exercise studio that structures workouts based around women’s menstrual cycles. Jade has over 10years experience in health & fitness and is a qualified personal trainer, pilates instructor and a Nutrition, Health, Mindset Coach for women. She developed Beautiful Bodies with Jade, to educate women on how to exercise & eat for their hormones. After seeing women push their bodies, and not get the results they are after, Jades focus now is about working with, not against your hormones.


  • What lead Jade to learn to exercise with and not against her hormones.
  • Jades story with hormones, thyroid imbalances, pregnancy and why she now works with women to focus in on their hormones.
  • Why so many women push themselves further than they should.
  • How to exercise for your cycle.
  • What the 4 seasons/stages are in your cycle.
  • Practical exercises you can implement and how to listen to your body.



  • Instagram: @jade_leray @beautifulbodiessociety 
  • Facebook – Beautiful bodies Society with Jade 
  • Website www.bbwithjade.com

Offer from Jade: All listeners get 20% off my online and in personal health and fitness studio for life. Use code SHERADYN20.


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