Is it finally time to fix your gut?

More energy, more confidence and more food choices in just 6 weeks with the

Gut Health Solution

The Gut Health Solution is a 6-week online nutrition-based program (starting October 2021) for women who are ready to overcome bloating, fatigue and irregular bowel movements.

Get the confidence you need to remove & re-introduce foods that are harming your gut, find solutions for bloating, cook delicious recipes and create solution’s for your “IBS” diagnosis.

As a busy female you know your gut needs some attention but you keep putting it on the back burner.

The truth is...

You're tired of irregular bowel movements & feeling so "heavy."

You have tried restrictive eating, elimination diets, & expensive supplements.

You are done with daily stomach pain & indigestion.

What if in 6 weeks, you could overcome your digestive pain and learn to love food again?

If you want to join a program that not only guides you through your food choices but also supports your hormones and holds you accountable…

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You know that in order to feel energised and confident again, you need to work on your gut health.

However, you’re constantly second-guessing yourself and asking questions like…




without any restrictive diets, overwhelm or wasted dollars.

If you want to improve your gut health, have more energy and wear your fav jeans again,I have something for you…


Over 6 weeks, let me (an experienced gut health nutritionist) take you through the ESSENTIAL changes needed to heal your gut – no more guessing needed.

Here is what we are going to do.


If you are ready to go from bloated to beautiful but need someone experienced to guide the way… I created the Gut Health Solution just for you!

Transition to a healthier body with ease, thanks to a step by step program that teaches you how to heal your digestion and have more energy.


The Gut Health Solution intake is currently full -
But join the pre-sale list for the October intake!


6 Weekly Payments of $37

VIP glow

6 Weekly Payments of $57

In addition to everything inside of The Gut Hormone Solution, I’m also going to throw in 3 bonuses to give your gut a kickstart!


Blood testing cheat sheet!

Because you deserve to know what your blood test results ACTUALLY mean, and when normal isn’t normal!

WORTH $199


Access to The Gut Hormone Online Workshop

This workshop has successfully sold out all around the country, so I have recorded a online workshop to give you all the information you need to go that extra step in healing your gut & hormones.



BONUS MODULE: Environmental triggers

In this module we cover all the OTHER things that impact your gut health – water, toxins, plastics and food chemicals.


Are you ready to overcome bloating, constipation and have more energy, using a nutrition first approach?

Hey - Its, Sheradyn (or Shez), and I used to be you.

Tired of battling my body, missing social events and chasing the next “cure”, I now help busy, health-conscious women (like you!) feel confident in your food choices, and have long lasting energy (the non caffeine kind).

I run online & face to face workshops, lecture nutrition, host a successful podcast and manage my online business , all while staying active, cooking and being a coffee snob (hey, done judge me #millennial).

I did the hard work so you don’t have to

A 10-year struggle with my weight, bloating, and gut pushed me to study for 6years and become a Gut Health Nutritionist (specialising in functional testing).

I have tried every supplement and diet under the sun, to heal my gut health & period woes, but nothing worked. I didn’t have accountability, support or time to make the foundation changes & when I had a question, I had to wait weeks for another appointment!

But I know that with access to the correct information and guidance at your finger tips, you can support your symptoms & address the root cause without wasting another dollar...

Welcome to - The Gut Health Solution!



Nutrition that heals

Introduce a whole food, anti-inflammatory diet as well as ensuring a diversity of fibres, good fats & healthy proteins to feed your microbiome

Balanced Hormones

Did you know that your mood swings, painful and heavy periods are a results of poor gut health? By improving your gut health, we help to balance your hormones!

Stress Reduction

Exercise, finances, family, work… what to eat. Stress is one of the key factors in women with an irritable gut. I will teach you how to manage IBS, as well as giving you the support to make dietary changes.


Frequently Asked Questions

October 2021, after the school term kicks off. Final date TBC. Keep your eyes peeled for all the details landing in your inbox.

No! You will see them within 14 days!

The GHS teaches you to interpret your own symptoms & what key dietary, supplement & lifestyle changes may be needed to support it.

You will progress through the course fully supported by the GHS community, Sheradyn & and have access to further resources to assist you in the future. As well as this, you can choose your level of support throughout the course.

If you’re struggling with complex, long-term issues that you need to get to the bottom of right now, then working 1:1 with Sheradyn will be a better option for you, and I suggest choosing the 3 or 6month package which includes comprehensive hormone & stool testing.

I can relate! Before I healed my gut and hormone imbalances for good, I had tried so many diets, supplements, cleanses and seen more health “Specialists” than anyone I knew! I was confused & frustrated as my health was not improving AND I had invested so much time & money for NO return!

What’s different about the GHS is that you learn to understand your digestion & hormonal changes, and what your body is trying to communicate with you. Understanding your body means that when you are feeling abit “PMS”y you now know what to do..

Each week you’ll receive access to one of the 12 modules. Each module contains 1 or 2, 5-10minute videos plus downloadable support documents.

If you plan to complete the course within 12 weeks, we suggest setting aside around 60 minutes per week to watch the modules, go through the handouts and begin implementing your new knowledge. You may also like to set aside 20 minutes to jump in the member’s Facebook group, watch the live videos and ask questions.

Each of the 12 modules are released weekly into the secure course platform Practice Better. Upon enrolling you will receive a unique login and password for the online platform where you will access all the course materials plus the bonuses.

All students from your intake month will receive modules at the same time and the Facebook group will also contain the weekly modules for extra support.

Yes! Within the first 28 days we will have started making changes to your diet & lifestyle, and you will be feeling less bloated, more energized and committed to continuing with the GHS!

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated to continue your journey, and to finally be free of bloating, irregular bowel movements, period problems and skin breakouts, simply reach out to Sheradyn at after 28 days of beginning the course and show me you’ve done the work of the first 2 modules plus bonuses exercises, and I’ll refund your investment, minus the deposit amount.

This course is ideal to set you up for transitioning off hormonal birth control or for supporting your body whilst you are on birth control.

If you are currently taking any form of Birth Control the GHS will teach you the strategies to support any possible nutrient deficiencies caused by your hormonal birth control and support detoxification pathways.

By putting in the work now to ensure you are optimally nourished, you will likely have a much easier ride if/when you decide to stop using your hormonal birth control and will find your cycles return to normal faster

Absolutely! All the recipes and diet suggestions are gluten, dairy, soy and sugar-free. Most recipes are vegetarian and vegan, and if not offer a vegetarian alternative. Some recipes contain eggs.

The course is entirely self-paced and online. To access the course you will need a computer, tablet or mobile device and reliable internet.

To implement the protocols, you will need access to a kitchen and basic cooking utensils to prepare your hormone & gut balancing recipes.

It’s as simple as that, no fancy cooking skills or ingredients required!

You will have lifelong access to the Facebook group & all the course material is downloadable!

That means if you “miss” a week or two, its all right there waiting for you – no need to stress if life gets busy!

Yes! This program is 100% online so you can do it no matter where you are in the world.

Once you’re all signed up, you’ll receive the first week’s resources with all the important guidelines you need to get started.

Plus, you’ll get immediate access to the private Facebook group where I’m waiting to support you and answer all of your most pressing questions! Once the course kicks off you will get access to the modules week by week, as well as scheduled group calls.



For those of you who are on the fence, have been burned in the past or just don’t really know me all that well yet, I want to give you every opportunity to heal your Gut & Hormones, and experience how GOOD you can feel. That’s why if after 28 days, you have implemented all the tasks & conducted the dietary changes, and still feel no better, I will give you a refund.*
For more details see FAQ.

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