#7 IBS & Bloating | How to use nutrition (and FODMAPS) to reduce symptoms with Sheradyn Dekker

Nutrition should always be the cornerstone of your gut health & hormone treatment plan. Today we are going to talk about how IBS & Bloating can be linked to the foods you’re eating, and some strategies to implement to reduce this. ALSO – What actually are FODMAPS, why do we care about them, and what is the best way to add them back into your diet?


  • Sheradyn Dekker – Qualified Nutritionist, Sport Scientist, Trainer & Assessor & Functional Nutrition Practitioner.
  • How I overcame bloating, constipation, food allergies, parasites, leaky gut, candida, missing periods, acne and fatigue through Functional Testing & Nutritional changes.
  • My passion now – educating & empowering women to do the same, through 1:1 consults, group programs and face to face workshops.
  • How I look for and treat the root cause rather than symptoms.
  • Functional Testing is in-depth lab testing where we test stool, urine, hair or blood samples, to look for underlying causes of imbalances. It is more comprehensive than simple blood work.
  • The fundamental areas to health that need to be addressed together are: Diet, Exercise, Stress, Supplement Support and Sleep.
  • Importantly – There are no quick fixes, and as women, we need to look beyond dietary restrictions, increasing our exercise and pills, to heal our bodies, lose weight & restore optimal health.


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