#1 {INTRO} A Functional Nutritionist | Beyond diets, exercise & supplements

Welcome to my very first episode on The Empowered Hormones Podcast! Thank you so much for supporting me, and encouraging me to release my first Podcast! I’ve finally made it a priority because, well, because podcasts are LIFE. While I am sweating, speeding (not really) or … in the kitchen, I am constantly listening and learning. I know so many of you are in the same boat as me, so flick me an email with what you’re loving and what you want to hear more of.


  • Sheradyn Dekker – Qualified Nutritionist, Sport Scientist, Trainer & Assessor & Functional Nutrition Practitioner.
  • How I overcame bloating, constipation, food allergies, parasites, leaky gut, candida, missing periods, acne and fatigue through Functional Testing & Nutritional changes.
  • My passion now – educating & empowering women to do the same, through 1:1 consults, group programs and face to face workshops.
  • How I look for and treat the root cause rather than symptoms.
  • Functional Testing is in-depth lab testing where we test stool, urine, hair or blood samples, to look for underlying causes of imbalances. It is more comprehensive than simple blood work.
  • The fundamental areas to health that need to be addressed together are: Diet, Exercise, Stress, Supplement Support and Sleep.
  • Importantly – There are no quick fixes, and as women, we need to look beyond dietary restrictions, increasing our exercise and pills, to heal our bodies, lose weight & restore optimal health.

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