Grab the Nutritional Strategies for IBS today and become a healthier, happier you.

Your IBS has ruled your life for too long - It's time to use nutrition to get regular again

Have you heard the myth?

You may have been told that you have IBS for life, and that there is nothing that can fix your symptoms…
Health professionals will tell you that laxatives, increasing your water intake or medication are your only options.

But, let me ask you this…

“Would you like regular, pain-free bowel movements every day?”
If you are nodding your head yes..

Then get ready! because, after this short course you won’t be seeing your GP for your “IBS” anymore!

Why heal your "IBS" with nutrition?


By knowing what to eat (& to avoid) for regular bowel movements, you will feel slimmer & energised again!


By adding in the correct foods, you can reduce the # of supplements you are taking! (And spend that money on good quality groceries!)


By healing your gut, and reducing your symptoms we can start to re-introduce all those “trigger foods again!”

Within 5 minutes of starting Nutritional Strategies for IBS, you will have clarity around the perfect diet for your gut symptoms.

What will I get from this short course that I cant get elsewhere?


Are you ready to overcome IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) using nutrition?

Here are just some of the few Ah-Ha moments you will experience:

Tired of being a statistic? IBS affects 1 in 5 people on a daily basis.

If you are tired of straining for a bowel movements, running to the toilet or battling the bloat, then it’s time to stop being a statistic and you nutrition to heal your IBS.

Not sure if you have IBS?

If you don’t have a IBS diagnosis, but struggle with abdominal pain, bloating, constipation or loose bowel motions then short course is perfect for you. It will teach you all you need to know about IBS, as well as where to get started in healing your bowel movements (or, gut health!).

Let me share how I used nutritional strategies to heal my IBS.

Sheradyn is a Gut & Hormone Nutritionist passionate about healing women’s hormone & gut health. Having spent years battling bloating, IBS and period problems, she now works with women, to support their gut imbalances.

“I created this short course for my former, bloated, constipated and confused self. If I had had these practical strategies on hand 10 years ago, my health would have looked very different.

By changing the way I looked at food, and focusing on healing with the right foods, rather than restricting, binging and bouncing between different diets, I now have regular bowel movements and no more bloating!”


Self-treating your IBS (aka gut) feels like you are playing Russian Roulette with your health - you never what is going to work, and what isn't.

You know how you want to feel – confident, sexy, energized and satisfied after eating,
BUT to feel this way, you need to understand how nutrition plays a role in IBS (and gut health).


The Nutritional Strategies for IBS.

In 10 short self paced module's we are going to cover..

Understanding IBS

Learn why your "IBS" diagnosis isn't the end of the story.

Exercise & IBS

What exercise supports IBS symptoms.

Diet & IBS

Learn which foods to increase & which ones to miminse.

Supplements for loose stools

Learn what supplements can give you quick relief from IBS-D.

Food for your microbiome

And why this is important for long term health!

Stress & IBS

Why stress goes beyond your external environment.

Sleep & IBS

Learn about the connection between sleep and IBS.

Supplements for constipation

Learn what supplements can give you quick relief from IBS-C!

Supplements for digestion

Its about what you digest NOT what you eat.

Root cause of IBS

And why IBS is a "BS" diagnosis.

Grab the Nutritional Strategies for IBS today and become a healthier, happier version of yourself.

Get clarity around what food to eat & supplements to take, for one single payment of $27.

What are women saying about these nutritional strategies?

Got a question?

You can work through it in one day, but to implement the strategies outlined in the course, I suggest working through one module per day and applying the strategies to suit your symptom picture.

Forever! This also includes access to any ongoing updates to the course and additional information as it gets added!

Nope! As soon as you purchase the course you will have access to all the units so that you can start with the one’s relevant to you and start implementing nutritional changes to support your IBS!

The course is designed to implement nutritional guidelines that will regulate bowel movements, this is based on introducing and removing plant fibres that may cause symptoms.

Yes! The food lists, supplement lists and recipes are all printable!