Ready to overcome constipation & loose stools using nutrition?

Cook & create gut friendly meals that leave you feeling slim & energised.

(…even if you have IBS and don’t know what to eat or avoid!)

Have you heard the myth?
You may have been told that you have IBS for life, and that there is nothing that can fix your symptoms…
Health professionals will tell you that laxatives, increasing your water intake or medication are your only options.

But, let me ask you this…

“Would you like regular, pain-free bowel movements every day?”
If you are shaking your head, yes… You are shaking your head, right?!

Then get ready because, after eating these foods, you won’t be seeing your GP for your “IBS” anymore!

There are also some amazing side effects to incorporating digestive friendly foods into your diet...


By knowing what to eat (& to avoid) for regular bowel movements, you will feel slimmer & energised again!


By adding in the correct foods, you can reduce the # of supplements you are taking! (And spend that money on good quality groceries!).


By overcoming nightly bloating, you will sleep better and eat more, allowing you to exercise regularly again!

Within 5minutes of starting Nutritional Strategies for IBS, you will have clarity around the perfect diet for your gut symptoms.

What will I get from this short course that I cant get elsewhere?


Are you ready to overcome IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) using nutrition?

Here are just some of the few Ah-Ha moments you will experience:

Let me share how I used nutritional strategies to heal my constipation & loose stools.

Sheradyn is a Gut & Hormone Nutritionist passionate about healing women’s hormone & gut health. Having spent years battling bloating, IBS and period problems, she now works with women, to support their gut imbalances.

“I created this short course for my former, bloated, constipated and confused self. If I had had these practical strategies on hand 10years ago, my health would have looked very different.

By changing the way I looked at food, and focusing on healing with the right foods, rather than restricting, binging and bouncing between different diets, I now have regular bowel movements and no more bloating!”


Grab the Nutritional Strategies for IBS today and become a healthier, happier version of yourself.

Get clarity around food for one single payment of $27.

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