107 When was the last time you got papped? With Katie Norbury

When was the last time you thought “I’m so excited for my  pap smear”.. Probably never!  It’s just that somewhat annoying checkup you have to start doing in your mid-20s that no one talks about!


The reality is that the whole cervical screening process seems to be something people avoid thinking about until they hit that 25th birthday milestone – and even then, we may forget to go get one done! And honestly, there is a reason why – the whole process brings images of rubber gloves, cold hands and metal instruments to the front of your mind. 


This is something Katie Norbury, the creator of the @getpapped Instagram page and cervical screening advocate, said she noticed when her first pap smear results came back abnormal and she was recommended to see a gynocolgesist for a biopsy.


Because of her own experience, she created a safe community for women to share their experiences and access resources on what to expect, including tips on how to find a GP who will prioritise their comfort and safety during the process.


I hope this episodes pushes you to go and get your next check up booked in – it sure did for me!


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