109 What is a functional approach to blood testing with Sheradyn Dekker

“My blood tests came back normal, but I don’t feel right”


If you can relate to this you’re not alone! It’s an all too common complaint I receive from my patients. Standard pathology tests used by GP’s will look for significant pathology and identify red flags that indicate more serious disease states – They are a necessary step in your healing journey, however many times standard blood tests don’t always give us the information needed to identify why your body functioning at a LESS than optimal level!


In this episode, I break down where to start with Functional Blood Work, and why it’s so important as a part of your root cause healing journey. 


I cover


  • What is functional blood work
  • How to approach it with a GP
  • Private blood testing
  • Functional testing
  • Hormone, gut, thyroid and immune testing


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