117 How we healed Robyns bloating & painful periods with Sheradyn Dekker

Suffering from bloating, heavy, painful periods and fatigue? Well so was Robyn before we implemented a root-cause approach! Over the past 12 months, we have been focusing on functional testing, balancing hormones and adding in key nutrients to support healing, and WOW Robyn’s story speaks for itself! If you are struggling with your periods, it might be time to implement a root cause approach and give yourself the best chance of healthy, happy hormones!


In this episode, Sheradyn and current client Robyn chat about:


  • The drivers of Robyns heavy periods
  • The drivers of her gut health imbalance
  • Testing to get to the root cause
  • Diet changes we did
  • Supplements we used to support her
  • Healing time frames
  • Cost of time vs NOT seeing results and living with the pain
  • How we got her periods regular and healthy

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