#13 Fertility & Testing | Why your not falling pregnant, MTHFR and how to heal for conception with Adrienne Hornby.

Today I have the privilege of speaking to Adrienne Hornby about her health struggles including gut health, fertility, MTHFR, IVF and why she had to work on the internal as well as the external to fall pregnant. 

Adrienne studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to become a health coach and paired this with studies in a Master of Educational Leadership to be able to help the wellbeing of schools and individuals.


  • Adrienne’s struggle with her hormones, fertility & IVF.
  • How the mothers health impacts the babies health.
  • Why modern day women are not falling pregnant.
  • What we can do to improve hormone balance & fertility.
  • Common reasons of “infertility” and underlying causes of why we are not falling pregnant.
  • The role of internal & external stressors.
  • Testing that can be done to look for underlying causes.
  • MTHFR – Why it impacted Adrienne & how it can impact pregnancy.