#14 Upgrading your meals to make them nutritious & delicious with Nutritionist Meg Yonson.

Today I have the privilege of speaking to Meg Yonson – and I am pretty excited! This feels like a dream come true… I have had a girl crush on Meg for years! I first “came across” Meg when I started looking into all my chronic gut problems, but quitting sugar, and buying all of Sarah Wilsons books! My love of Sarah meant I also fell in love with Meg and her beautiful photos, recipes and mainly, her ability to cook the best camp breakfast! Meg is down to earth, funny, generous & was a pleasure to have on the podcast!


Meg is a qualified nutritionist and all-round food creative. She works as an art director, recipe developer, food stylist, qualified nutritionist, graphic designer, creative thinker and organised project manager. She has been working professionally in the food space for 10 years creating highly-engaging food content that spans across print and digital platforms.  Meg’s phots are STUNNING and I must say I am envious – puts my slap-happy photos to shame!


  • How Meg got into creating recipes, food production and styling, after her Nutritionist degree.
  • What spices & fats Meg loves to cook with & why fats are so important in cooking!
  • How Meg develops recipes.
  • Sweet VS savoury!
  • Why cooking is NOT hard, and doesn’t have to be a chore… Where to start when you’re bored with your diet.
  • What cooking utensils you need to be a whiz in the kitchen.
  • Why camp cooking is THE BEST!