#21 Mindset Tips | How to shift your focus to improve your mental & physical health with Kelly Perry

Today I have the privilege of speaking to Kelly! Kelly and I meet back in my university days at Notre Dame, when I was studying Sports Science. Kelly was a practical client when I was getting my Sport Science hours up. I always thought Kel was a slightly older version of me – Beautiful (ha!), motivated, fitness-focused and passionate about improving individual physical & mental health.

Kelly is an ACA Registered Counsellor and Career Clarity Coach, and specializes in helping those going through job loss, redundancy, or contemplating their next career move, to step back and take the time to create an action plan based on their values.

Although Kel specializes in getting clear about a career, she has depth of knowledge on shifting your mindset, and how when we do that, we can enhance our wellbeing.


Today, we dig into mindset – how it influences our physical health & how we can step away from overwhelm to really feel calm & collected.


  • Why we get so overwhelmed, what causes this overwhelm & how to step away from it.
  • The science behind “busyness” and “doing all the things” and why this impacts our creativity and productivity. 
  • Practical tips to slow the heart rate, become more focus & be present.
  • Why athletes, mothers and those dealing with big changes in their life often struggle with mindset.
  • Why mindset coaching can be helpful & how counselling & looking after our mental health is KEY to healing the body.