#24 Understanding caffeine & coffee poops with Sheradyn Dekker

Today is the first of my “nuggets of gold” season where each fortnight, we jump straight into an in-depth topic together, but keep it short, sharp and actionable! Each week you will be able to feel empowered in three ways – Listening, reading (weekly PDF cheat sheets) and doing (actionable tasks).

Today we are tackling caffeine – Is it a yes or no for those who struggle with alternating bowel movements, adrenal burnout (aka fatigue) or hormone imbalance’s (PCOS, acne, mood swings, ect).

To support today’s episode I have created an Nutritional Cheat Sheet for those “IBS-C” Day’s – When you just cant poo & are about to grab your second (or third) coffee…

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  • I often get asked what I think about caffeine… Now, this sounds like a simple question, but there is no such thing as a simple question when it comes to nutrition.
  • Let’s point out first that it depends on how you take your caffeine – I am primarily talking about coffee here…
  • I love my coffee but recently, I have decided to come off coffee – There are a few reasons why I choose to do this…
  • As many of you know I struggle with Psoriasis from years of leaky gut damage, and having an overactive immune system has given me an autoimmune condition that needs to be respected – too much stress, exercise, inflammatory foods or burden on my body, and I get really severe flare-ups on my scalp.
  • I can also get really hyperstimulated on coffee, and feel really super productive but struggle to focus on the task at hand – I don’t get anxious but it would be along those lines.
  • AND – it impacts my bowel movements, and after 10years of constipation, I now value a good poo! So anything that changes that really is a no go for me…
  • The thing with coffee is for some people it helps keep them regular, and it doesn’t affect their nervous system, like my dad – he can have a coffee at night! Others, like myself, should never have it on an empty stomach for starter’s, and even then, I don’t know that coffee is a good idea if it affects you drastically.
  • We also talk about the clearance of caffeine – because this is different for everyone – Why do some people, like myself, have such extreme reactions to coffee whereas other people feel nothing?


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