#26: How do we heal after antibiotics with Sheradyn Dekker

Today’s episode is covering all things antibiotics and prebiotics. How many of you have come to me saying – Sheradyn, I have just taken a round of antibiotics, what probiotics do I take – WELL, I am here to give you the short & sweet on why prebiotics may be more beneficial to restoring your microbiome diversity!

To support this episode & to help you heal after antibiotics, I have created a 90 Day Prebiotic Rotation Guide to get you started!

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  • How do we heal after a round of antibiotics?
  • What are the side affects of antibiotics?
  • What damage do they do to our gut – But why should we still take them?
  • How do we support our good gut flora and stop “bad” bacteria overgrowths?
  • Are probiotics really the answer? Or are they a waste of money?
  • What are prebiotics and how can they heal the gut?


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