#27: Achieving sustainable weightloss with Zoe Morosini

Today’s episode is covering weight loss, and how we can make it sustainable. On today’s episode is Zoe Morosini, a qualified Clinical Nutritionist empowering woman to develop sustainable, healthy eating habits that energise, nourish and fortify their bodies.

To support this episode & to help you achieve sustainable weight loss, I have created a 5 Day Paleo Dinner Plan for you! Never worry about what you are going to eat for dinner again (and, how good are leftovers?).

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  • Let’s talk about weight loss…
  • What are some root causes of weight gain / struggling to lose weight?
  • What are barriers to change?
  • What if someone is struggling with food cravings or sugar addictions?
  • Top 3 tips to overcome sugar cravings?
  • Is there a link between stress and weight gain?
  • Often women talk about doing “all the things” and still not losing weight.. What is going on here? Is it more than calories in / out?
  • What does sustainable weight loss look like?
  • How do we go about creating healthy habits?
  • Top 3 tips for creating healthy habits?

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