#30: The impact of different diets on your microbiome with Sheradyn Dekker

Today’s episode is to answer all your questions on what diet impacts your microbiome diversity. Because when we take on a new diet, we are normally thinking about weight loss, not about building our microbiome.

Or maybe it’s not weight loss – maybe it’s an autoimmune condition, blood sugars, or maybe it’s just something you want to try… like a carnivore diet. But we need to think about the long term effects of these diets on your whole health picture.

To help you out with this, I have a quiz to assess your microbiome and gut health! Do the quiz & let me know what your score was! 

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  • How does the Carnivore diet impact your microbiome?
  • Why do we need fibres in our diet?
  • What happens if we can’t digest fibres?
  • What is a keto diet, and how does it impact the microbiome?
  • What is AIP paleo?
  • What are the dangers of long term elimination diets?
  • What about things such as oxalates, histmaines or salicylates (nightshades)?
  • How is your relationship with food?
  • How is your relationship with your body?


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