#66 Low Progesterone: Why we care & how to correct it with Sheradyn Dekker

Welcome to episode 66. Today we are talking about what the signs of low progesterone are?


  • What is progesterone?
  • Why do we get low progesterone?
  • How to increase progesterone with diet?


Show Notes 

  • Even if you don’t want a baby you need progesterone
  • Produced by the ovaries after ovulation
  • Feeling anxious, sleepless and, irritable
  • The calming effect
  • Some progesterone produced in the adrenal glands
  • Fat for energy, bone health, protects breasts and uterus against cancer
  • Helps use thyroid hormones
  • Missing periods, PCOS, peri-menopause and, birth control
  • Stress and adrenal burnout
  • Lack of carbs in the diet 
  • Stress reduction activities 
  • Essential vitamins in the diet
  • Balanced blood sugar levels


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