#80 Mineral Balancing – Are we iron deficient or iron dysregulated with Amy Armstrong

Today I have the privilege of speaking to Amy Armstrong. Amy is a mineral-obsessed mum of three, Root Cause Protocol Consultant, Certified HTMA Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach.

She found herself drawn into the natural healing world when on a quest to help her chronically ill child become well, and also improve her own rapidly failing health. After spending years trying many different therapies and treatments, Amy found the work of Morley Robbins and began the Root Cause Protocol, through which both she and her daughter experienced profound healing.

Now, Amy helps women suffering from fatigue, low iron and other chronic symptoms to take control of their own health through mineral balancing.

In today’s episode we are chatting about:

  • Minerals and energy

  • How much iron do we need?

  • Why ferritin alone is not a reliable marker of iron vitality

  • The importance of knowing about other markers of iron

  • The importance of copper & ceruloplasmin

  • Ways we can get the important nutrients to help us regulate our iron better (copper, retinol, magnesium)

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