#83 A holistic approach to health – Mindset, movement & mother nature with Tristan & Will

Today I have the privilege of speaking to Tristan and Will from The Rebel Health Academy. 

Tristan and Will started the podcast The Rebal Health Academy through the connection of health, fitness, movement, well-being and wanting to encourage a positive mindset for men. Wills’s background is in deep health fitness and permaculture regenerative farming. Tristan started as a competitive tennis player and then opened his own gym back in Melbourne. 

The men bring their journey, experiences and life lessons to the Rebal Health Academy podcast and talk about how they have strengthened their resolve and connection to mother nature. 

Today we discuss;

  • Who are Tristan & Will, and what do they do?
  • Tristan and Will’s background in sport & exercise
  • What is the Rebel Health Academy, and how did it start?
  • How do you both train – has this changed over the years?
  • Aging, strength and flexibility, what’s the balance, and how do we find it?
  • What can clients do, who feel stuck, lost and hopeless?
  • What is a Regeneration urban farmer, and what do they do?

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