87: Transitioning from binge eating to intuitive eating with Elin Grandstrand

Today I chat with Elin Grandstrand about her journey from self-loothing to self-love! Elin struggled with body image and an eating disorder for over 10 years and now helps women heal their relationship with food and self.

Elin and I chat about:

  • Her journey with a mix of eating disorders
  • What is binge eating, bulimia and anorexia 
  • Why do women “do it”, why they hide it and the shame around ED
  • How to help a friend or family member
  • How do we break the habits?
  • Practical strategies to learn to self soothe & self love
  • How we stop obsessing about body image and learn to love our body
  • Transitioning out of tracking – when to track and when not
  • Pros and cons of tracking
  • The role of exercise in health – when does it become obsessive?


Links to Elin: @elingranstrand

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