89 One mum’s sweat life – Overcoming anxiety & bringing confidence to women with Micha Hibel

What an inspiring episode this one is! Today I chat with Micha Hibel – As a mum of 3 and a women’s fitness coach, Micha blew me away with her own health journey. Over a 5years journey, she overcame anxiety, gained strength and confidence in the gym and discovered her passion for helping women feel confident inside and outside the gym!

Micha & I chat about:

  • Her story & passion for women’s health
  • How fitness not only empowered her but helped her overcome anxiety and depression
  • The benefits of exercise for mental health
  • How to fit exercise into your day
  • Barriers stopping not only mums but women in general from joining the gym or starting their fitness journey
  • Why women should strength train
  • Being time-poor and making sacrifices
  • Where to start…
  • Being a mum and still having your own identity

You can find Micha on Instagram: @mum_sweatlife

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