92 Treating tricky SIBO cases with Todd Mansfield

Today I have the privilege of speaking to Todd Mansfield, the resident herbalist at Byron Herbalist. He has a strong passion for herbal medicine and focuses much of his time and studies on gut health, digestive complaints, bacterial overgrowth and parasite treatments.

This week we dive deep into Methane Dominant SIBO, because as Todd says:

“I commonly see Methane SIBO, also known as constipation SIBO, in my patient population when using SIBO breath testing. This condition often presents with bloating and distention, burping and excessive flatulence and the most common or predictable symptom of constipation and slow gut transit time (time that food takes to travel from the mouth to the toilet bowel).”

We cover:


  • Methane dominant SIBO – signs and symptoms
  • Root Causes
  • Treatment
  • Tricky cases – when the symptoms come back
  • Under grown bacteria – how does this impact treatment
  • When to not use antimicrobials? 
  • Sensitive patients
  • Getting people pooping! How?
  • Diet.. how strict do we really need to be?

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