94 Body image, weight training & female empowerment with Sigi Fisher

Coming in HOT with one of my favourite episodes this year! Sigi is a powerhouse of a human – she’s funny, feminine, and fantastic to talk to! You ladies are going to LOVE this episode! We cover a range of topics from dating, to body image, eating disorders, nutrition and getting women into the gym… it’s a mixed bag of goodies for sure!

Some of the points we chat about include…

  • Why do we need to heal body image – what’s got us so down on our bodies?
  • How is this linked to healing our relationship with food
  • What kind of behaviour do you see?
  • How does strength training support this?
  • How can we change our mindset?
  • What are limiting beliefs?
  • Where do we even start?
  • How do you work with women?
  • What is the go with online dating & limiting beliefs
  • Sigis personal story with binge eating and cardio
  • How we can change the female fitness game – BE MORE not LESS!



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