96 Effect of alcohol on gut health & hormones with Sarah Rusbatch & Sheradyn Dekker

This week I have something different for you ladies – A recording of a interview I did with Sarah Rusbatch on alcohol and our health.

Sarah is a certified Health and Wellbeing Coach, an accredited Grey Area Drinking Coach, a motivational speaker and a passionate ambassador for helping as many women as possible to live their best life. She is also an ex Grey Area Drinker, who finally quit booze in April 2019 and NEVER looked back!

I think you will love this episode as we head into the festive season when we tend to drink a little more than normal!

Things I cover:

  • How alcohol affects gut health and hormones
  • Is quitting alcohol the answer
  • How do we dig deeper
  • Dutch testing and liver pathways
  • Ways to support detoxing
  • Ways to support gut health

Find Sarah here – https://sarahrusbatch.com/

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