97 Supplements for anxiety & strategies to overcome bloating with Sheradyn Dekker

You are in for a treat today – Not only are we unpacking the ACV and baking soda test and how they support bloating, as well as WHAT bloating actually is and some root causes.. we ALSO dive deep into supplements and strategies for anxiety! 

This episode is a sneak peak into a Wednesday Workshop in the Root Cause Program – at the end of every session, I also let my clients pick my brain on anything that has come up during the week that they didn’t want to post in the FB group about.

If you have “tried it all” and are still struggling, I recommend you head over and watch my video on my health journey and how the Root Cause Program can support your health! 

Watch here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qelXFIXB38w&t=5s


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