Are you looking for the root cause of your gut symptoms?

Come on a health journey with me and let’s get to the ROOT cause of your bloating, “IBS” & constipation. It’s time to go beyond your GP’s approach and take charge of your health!

Why join the Root Cause Program?

As an active, health conscious female, you are doing "all the right things" but still feel stuck with your health.

When you don’t have a clear plan on how to heal your gut, you try diet changes, supplements, go see your GP but still end up bloated, frustrated (& just wanting to have a good poop!).

👉You try new diets but never move forward.

👉You waste money on supplements that promise results.

👉You lose confidence & think "I guess this is it"

Healing your gut shouldn't be "this hard"

I know what it is like to struggle alone, get gaslight by the medical system & feel like you are going in circles. I battled the Medical system for 10years getting no answers & being told I was “fine” despite my symptoms.

👉 But all of that changed when I ran functional testing! 👈

Since then, I’ve helped  thousands of health-conscious women get clear on their health, have better poops, more body confidence and finally heal their gut for good.



Respected, trusted, qualified nutritionist. With a pinch of self-confessed health nerd thrown in.

At 18 I found myself bloated, constipated, and struggling with extreme stomach pain after a trip to Bali. On top of this I lost my periods for 7 years, got acne and despite doing all the right things, I could not get answers for my symptoms! 

I found myself where so many of my clients find themselves too: 

Frustrated, struggling to get a Doctor to take my symptoms seriously and feeling like my body would never be “normal”. 

Fast forward and I am the fittest, healthiest and happiest I have ever been – I have a body I love, have enough energy to run a busy online clinic and never even think about my gut (or being bloated) anymore!

How did I do it? I stopped guessing as to what was causing my symptoms and I did functional testing… I got to the Root Cause of my symptoms!

Inside The Root Cause Program,  I’m helping you undertake functional testing so that YOU can have regular bowel movements and a body YOU love! 

Because honestly, I’m living and breathing proof that it’s possible. 

All without seeing a GP, and being told your symptoms are in your head.

This is it – No more guessing. No more random supplements. No more doing it alone.

Let’s stop guessing & get you real answers!

Sheradyn Dekker



In this 20 minute session we will…

Unpack what your GP has told you & what testing you actually need to get answers!


Review your current diet to see why you are reacting to food


Uncover the #1 reason your gut is not healing despite doing “all the right things.”


Develop a 3 step action plan that will get you symptom free ASAP.


STEP TWO: Join the root cause program
this signature Functional Testing program includes:

*Post program options are available.

If you continue to guess (& not test),
it will cost you your health..
Your investment to join the program?







After 6 months you can choose to stay in the program and continue your journey on a rolling monthly membership with no lock in contract. Or leave the program and cancel your membership with no additional charges.
It takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks to clear a gut infection, or to see changes in hormones. Even though  we often see external changes within a week of joining, the microbiome has not shifted yet. Clearing infections & rebuilding & restoring the gut lining takes a minimum of 6 months.

Real Results

"The best skincare treatment in the world is healing your gut and balancing your hormones!"

“I had spent thousands of dollars, and spent years of my life in pain! The best skincare treatment in the world is healing your gut and balancing your hormones! I am finally free from acne, dermatitis,, bloating, fatigue, burnout… and my sex drive is pretty cool too!”


"Working with you has changed the way I see my body"

“I am no longer bloated every day – & I am having regular poops! I can also finally see the results from working out. Thank you so much for everything –  I can also eat all the foods I love again! Testing and getting to the root cause was the best decision I ever made.” 


"Small victory dance 💃 my skin is healing 🌟

Gosh, acne really knocks one’s confidence, it certainly does for me! I’m so so thankful to be healing! Here’s some pics of how I’m going! Pics on the right is current pics. This is super vulnerable to share but I know so many can relate to this experience and hope it gives some hope.


Curious for an inside look at the program?

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Ready to stop guessing & see changes in your health?


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a University Qualified Nutritionist who specialises in getting your body to function optimally. I do this by searching for root causes of your health issues, with functional testing, rather than just treating the symptoms.

I address the whole person, including your hormones, immune, digestion, detoxification and intestinal barrier systems. In order to restore balance to the systems of the body, I help you find the right healing diet, establish a healthy sleep routine, add in exercise & stress reduction recommendations, as well as prescribing natural supplementation protocols.

I do recommend supplements for you after you’ve completed your testing. It’s hard to make shifts in your health by diet alone. Cost of supplements depends on what health issues we have to work on together and what your test results show.

Please be prepared to make an investment in supplements but also know this: I will give you the best case scenario of supplements I suggest you take but we can prioritize them if budget is a concern.

I will lay out exactly what dose, brand, and where to purchase from. You’re free to purchase whatever you want, (all or none or just some) and from wherever you’d like.

We HIGHLY recommend you get a Facebook account or use a female family members’ in order to partake in The RCP. You can create a Facebook account with no photo and not “Like” any pages or “friend” anyone and only use it to participate in the program.

The private Facebook group is filled with incredible support, inspiration, and guidance and it’s the best place to get quick answers to questions that may pop up for you whilst you’re in the program as we don’t do private email support.

I am not a huge fans of strict diets inside The RCP however, depending on your test results you may need to go into a short term elimination diet to reduce symptoms & treat some nasty gut bugs. 

I unpack this in the Information Pack, but the three main tests we run inside the RCP is the GI 360 or GI Map, SIBO breathe testing and the DUTCH comprehensive hormone test. The tests are sold wholesale but vary from country to country, and we tailor the program to suit the individuals budget. Please ask about pricing of the tests in your country in your pre program Gut Health Planning Session call. We ask you to allow $400-500 for functional testing.

As a former IBS & PMS sufferer I know the process can get overwhelming, but getting from pain-ful to pain-free has never been easier.