As an active, health conscious female..

You feel frustrated by your gut symptoms.

Your GP says that your results are “normal” but you know there must be more to the story…

You have tried changing your diet, drinking more water & you exercise regularly… but you still feel stuck.¬†

Besides, isn’t it your Doctors job to run tests & get you answers?

What if I told you your Doctor does NOT run the testing you need to get you to the root cause?

Here's what we are going to cover in this workshop...

What testing you ACTAULLY need to run to get to the root cause.

Why eating “healthy” is NOT the answer to your symptoms.

Learn why you aren’t SEEING the results from your workouts.

How to heal your IBS, bloating & constipation (for good!)

What blood markers are actually helpful (hello thyroid…)

The link between gut health & hormone health (hey weight gain..)

Been told that your results are "fine" but you know there is something deeper going on...

In 60minutes I will take you from symptoms to solutions.

If you are a female who is frustrated at her lack of answers, doesn’t know “what next” & wants to stop guessing with her gut, then this workshop is for you!

¬†Everything you need to know will be emailed to you post call so that you don’t miss a thing! (Including the recordings!)

Join me: May 29th, 6pm AWST (Perth)

Meet your Nutritionist -

Hey Hey – I am Sheradyn, or you can call me Shez.

My 10 year struggle with missing periods, bloating, and constipation left me frustrated, broke and not able to trust another “professional”. Deciding to take my health in my own hands, I undertook extensive training (Master’s in Nutrition & Functional Diagnostic Nutrition) to understand why “healthy” women, still struggled with symptoms.¬†

And, I am here to share these “secrets” with you.

Things women are saying about Sheradyn's Root Cause Approach..