It’s time to get off the sugar rollercoaster and upgrade your energy, your snacks and your gut health.

Join the 5 Days, 5 Ways to Overcome Sugar Cravings Challenge.

These days our social media feeds are full of green smoothies, bulletproof coffees and raw chocolate, making it hard to know what actually works for our health.  As busy, multi-tasking females we are juggling work, fitness, family and still trying to prepare healthy meals. The overwhelm of trying to do it all leaves us fatigued, craving sugar and confused about how to lose weight & improve our “gut health.”

You will walk away from this free 5 day challenge knowing exactly how to zap cravings, lose weight, and have stable energy all day.

Starts October 11th, 8am AWST (Perth) time.

As a busy female, it’s time to put your health first BEFORE your sugar addiction gets the better of you.

Do you want to be healthy but find yourself snacking between meals, eating on the go or “needing” that chocolate at the end of a busy day to unwind? 

Are your working your 🍑 off at the gym, but find your still not losing weight as your nutrition is letting you down?

On top of that, you are tired – So tired!

If this is you – there is something I want you to know…

If you want to lose weight, have more energy and beat those sugar cravings, you have to…

Learn the Nutritionist Proven Strategies to Overcome Sugar Cravings for good.

When you join the 5 Days, 5 Ways Challenge, you will apply what you learn that day, so that quitting sugar is fun, easy and delicious!

5 Days. 5 Lessons. 5+ Daily Recipes.

Each daily training is 30-40 minutes long and conducted live on Facebook and Zoom (with recordings). Everything you need to know will be emailed to you daily.
Runs from October 11th – 15th.

Here's what we're going to do.

Day 1: Snack your way to sugar free!

Get your hands on the Sugar Swap Guide, learn where sugar is hiding and make your weekly sugar free snacks!

Day 2: Protein Power Baby!

Learn why we love protein and create simple protein-rich recipes that are going to fuel you all day!

Day 3: Carbs for Cravings!

Think carbs are the enemy? Think again! Today we learn what carbs to eat, and when!

Day 4: Caffeine without the Crash!

Two coffees and still tired? I’ve got a secret for you… You won’t want to miss day 4!

Day 5: Root Causes to your Cravings!

My favourite day! Root cause baby! Learn WHY you can’t kick those cravings and lose weight P.S. It has to do with your gut!

Let's get your gut glowing!

This is an supportive and informative 5 days together, and you wont want to miss a moment!

Reserve 60 mins each day to join the live group call, read the handouts and create your choice of sugar-free recipe.

If you need more time, that’s fine - the content is downloadable (and, FREE!)

Meet your Nutritionist -

Hey Hey – I am Sheradyn, or you can call me Shez.

My 10 year struggle with body image, bloating, and gut pain left me frustrated, broke and not able to trust another “professional”. Deciding to take my health in my own hands, I undertook extensive training (Master’s in Nutrition & Functional Diagnostic Nutrition) to understand why “healthy” women, still struggled with symptoms. 

And, I am here to share these “secrets” with you.

In the next 5 Days, I am going to walk you through why your “healthy” lifestyle is leaving you tired, bloated and craving sugar.

A one week supportive sugar-free kick starter can make a difference to your lifelong gut health.

Who is the 5 Days, 5 Ways to Overcome Sugar Cravings for?

Busy, time poor, caffeine filled females that:

  • Need that 3 pm chocolate bar
  • Are emotional eaters who love a 8pm nightly snack
  • Can’t lose weight despite doing all the “right things!”
  • Are constantly tired no matter how much they sleep
  • Snack, rather than eat “real” meals
  • Struggle with bloating and irregular bowel movements
  • Want to improve their gut health, but don’t know where to start
  • Are ready to upgrade their nutritionAre ready to upgrade their nutrition

Things said about Sheradyn...

It's almost time to kick off...


Join The 5 Days, 5 Ways to Overcome Sugar Cravings Challenge Now!


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  • Need that 3 pm chocolate bar