It's time to stop feeling so "hormonal" and take charge of your health.

Heal your digestion & hormones with - The Gut Hormone Workshop.

The Gut Hormone Workshop, is a 60 minute online workshop, that has been conducted all around Australia (helping hundreds of women) with Functional Gut & Hormone Nutritionist Sheradyn Dekker. 

The thing is, most marketing companies want you to believe you can heal your gut & hormones with the next supplement or superfood…

But, the truth is you cant.

If you have tried birth control, gluten free diets and medication
for the pain  but still feel no further ahead then you
need to repeat after me:

“I can treat my painful periods, acne and mood swings
or, I can treat the root cause.”

When you put your gut health first and use a "ground up" approach to treat your hormone symptoms, you start to see some amazing things happen...


Did you know that your skin is a reflection of your digestion?


By improving your gut health, your periods become pain free, regular and lighter.


By overcoming daily bloating, you will sleep better, look better and eat more!

Introducing - The Gut Hormone Workshop.

Lead by Gut & Hormone Nutritionist Sheradyn Dekker, in this 60 minute online workshop you will discover – 

  • What Functional Nutrition is, and how functional testing got Sheradyn from symptoms to solutions.
  • Why using the pill or medication is a band-aid approach.
  • The role of “good” and “bad” bacteria in your gut & how to rebalance them to support your hormones.
  • What foods commonly irritate your gut, and how to use an elimination diet correctly.
  • How a good digestion & healthy diet supports healthy, regular periods.
  • How supporting your liver, can stop painful, heavy periods.

Are you tired of your hormone tests coming back "normal" when you know something isn't right?

Here are just some of the few AH-HA moments you will experience:

This workshop has been delivered to hundreds of women, many who end up in tears, saying:

"Sheradyn, I never knew there was an answer for my symptoms".

Sheradyn is a Gut & Hormone Nutritionist passionate about healing women’s health. Having spent years battling bloating, IBS and period problems, she now works with women, to support their gut imbalances.

“I want to educate and empower women to look deeper than their symptoms – there is so much going on under the surface that we don’t know about, and it is my PASSION to help you feel confident in supporting your body!”

What are women saying about the Gut Hormone Workshop?

Watch the Gut Hormone Workshop and start finding solutions for your bloating and period woes.

Feel confident & empowered to improve your health for one single payment of $9.


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