#3 Why IBS is a BS Diagnosis (And how to get a REAL diagnosis) with Sheradyn Dekker

The symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) are real but the diagnosis is not. Today we delve into how IBS impacts your life, what IBS is, how to get to the root cause of IBS, and things you can do today to help your IBS and bloating.


  • IBS can be broken down into IBS-Constipation, IBS-Diarrhea, IBS-Mixed.
  • IBS is a medical diagnosis from your doctor to describe the array of symptoms you experience.
  • There is no “cure” for an “IBS Diagnosis”.
  • Looking at IBS from a functional view we can understand why it’s not actually a diagnosis, and how treating the root cause can heal your IBS.
  • Nutrition, supportive supplements, dietary changes and stress management work together to reduce your symptoms & improve your gut health.
  • By making a few changes today you can improve your IBS & bloating.
  • Stool testing is the most comprehensive way to understand your IBS and bloating.

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